“After my training as a mechatronics engineer I was initially responsible for maintaining and repairing the can production machines. Later I continued training to be a forewoman and also completed the examination to be a certified trainer.


Today, as a manager, I coordinate the work of my team consisting of three fitters, two electricians and several trainees. Although organisational tasks now predominate in my job, I always like to lend a hand with the work. During breakdowns or if staff are absent, I operate the welding equipment myself.”

Annika S., Head of ALU Production Technology

Training in professions with a future

As a committed young person you have the opportunity to make a successful start to your professional life and to develop with us. You can do an internship first and gain initial experience of your dream job in this way. You can obtain professional qualifications with us – you have a choice of six interesting professions. Or you can come to us at the end of your academic studies to get to know how the company works in practice and to write well-argued bachelor and master theses.

Where are your strengths? It doesn’t matter whether you bring technical understanding, sales talent, organisational ability or creativity - with us you can choose between different job profiles. We enable you to make a successful start to your working life according to your individual abilities.

We want our training activities to focus on the development of junior staff in all areas of work. Currently we are training 27 young people in six different professions. Many of our former trainees now perform important functions in the company. They are rightly proud of their achievements, just as we are proud of them.