“I work in development, where I am responsible for the optimisation of existing recipes. As I have a dog myself, it is obviously very close to my heart that our products are continuously getting better. My experience: industrially produced food is completely appropriate. You can use it to give your pet a balanced diet over a long period of time. Apart from that it is very practical to use ;-)”

Marina K., Development

Striking out on our own – research and development

There is no “recipe” for successful products in research and development. Nevertheless, the fact that our products are based on our own research and development work is the key to their success on the market.

In our Product Development Centre (PDC) a highly qualified team composed of food chemists, technologists, nutritionists and vets work on developing innovative products. This groundwork is important to bring out genuine product innovations. Our well-founded knowledge of the requirements of correct animal nutrition is also attributable to this.

The Product Development Centre (PDC) is in the first instance for the purpose of developing new recipes. This is also where small-scale tests are carried out on what must later run flawlessly in large production plants.

Using expert knowledge about animal nutrition

The exchange of knowledge with experts outside the company is a further building block in our development work. This is why we work closely with the veterinary medicine departments of various universities.

Current scientific knowledge from recognised institutions gives us valuable stimuli. In return, as experienced pet food manufacturers we can likewise make a contribution to the exchange of knowledge by testing which technologies can be used to implement new theoretical nutrition concepts in practice.

Increased life expectancy for pets. Nutritionally balanced pet food products have had a positive influence on this trend. (Source: IVH [Industrial Association of Pet Care Producers], Germany)

Meeting international standards

Of course in the development of our products we follow the guidelines and recommendations of international associations, including

  • FEDIAF (Fédération Européenne des Industries des Aliments pour Animaux Familiers)
  • NRC (National Research Council)
  • AAFCO (Association of American Food Control Officials)

A real treat for spoilt cats: layered pâté with two different taste components from our production facility in Hattem.