“Regular back massages are part of my personal fitness programme. I no longer have to plan in an extra trip after work for them as saturn petcare brings a masseuse in every fortnight. For me, the massage is a preventive measure to avoid tension and also to remain relaxed even on stressful working days. I like to have the first appointment in the morning, when there is the greatest chance of nothing getting in the way.”

Waltraud B., Head of Quality Management

Preventive health care “Fit for the Future”

Our active health management is based on regular staff surveys with which we determine current wishes and needs. The next step is to put together packages of measures made up of courses, workshops and lectures. In this way we arouse interest in health issues and motivate as many staff as possible to get involved.

Health and Safety at Work

The world of work has been rapidly transformed in the last few decades. New kinds of unilateral strain require targeted ergonomic adjustment in order to preserve health and well-being, as do measures designed to make work easier. Employee and employer representatives, our health and safety at work specialist and the company doctor form a committed team in the “Health working group”. Their aim is to improve workplace ergonomics by means of individual measures – whilst keeping a constant eye on requirements and individual physique. 

Healthy on the inside: during the “5 a day” campaign there is always a lot of fresh fruit to take out in the staff restaurant and a special selection of tasty dishes

From our “Fit for the Future” programme

  • 5 a day: In the staff restaurant we always offer our staff a selection of wholesome meals and salads. In addition we promote healthy food awareness with targeted campaigns, for example with free fruit.
  •  Health courses such as back training, company fitness and massages are partly offered at the workplace or financially subsidised.
  • “Ride your bike to work”: We have been promoting this campaign by the AOK for years by raffling “useful prizes to do with bikes”.
  • Lectures about the prevention and early identification of risks.
  • Once a year the influenza vaccination is offered in cooperation with our company physician.

As well as a health and safety specialist, our company doctor is also available to our staff in an advisory and supporting capacity for individual matters of health in the workplace.