Variety of products for dogs in brand quality

Dietary recommendations for wet food

Wet food is closest to dogs’ natural food. The raw animal materials have a high moisture content by nature. The animal can thus cover part of its fluid requirements with its food intake. Wet food should always be dispensed in the correct portion size; after the meal, remains should be removed and the food bowl cleaned. Opened packages can be kept in the refrigerator but should be used up quickly. Important: always serve wet food at room temperature!

Complete food for dogs in portion packages (foil trays)

Delicate meat pâté

Whatever the sort – meat pieces with a bite have made this pâté a favourite dog meal.

Fine pâté menu

Varied and tasty – meat pâtés with pasta, rice or vegetables.

Meaty treats in jelly

Just the aroma is appetising – and also delivers what it promises.

Strips of meat

Meaty treats and tender vegetables in hearty gravy – there will be nothing left in the bowl.

Pasta menu

Hearty meat treats in gravy + pasta + vegetables = a balanced treat!

Complete food for dogs in cans

Premium meat dish

Pâté made from best meat cuts with a finely regulated proportion of cereal – a real gourmet menu.

Meat meal with noodles and vegetables

Meat + carbohydrates + vegetables = triple health food for dogs with guaranteed enjoyment.

Juicy chunks with noodles and vegetables

With al dente spiral pasta and crunchy carrot pieces – for varied canine nutrition.

Juicy chunks in tasty gravy

Balanced normal diet with important dietary fibre from a carefully regulated proportion of cereal.