Variety of products for cats in brand quality

Dietary recommendations for wet food

Wet food is closest to cats’ natural food. The raw animal materials have a high moisture content by nature. The animal can thus cover part of its fluid requirements with its food intake. Wet food should always be dispensed in the correct portion size; after the meal, remains should be removed and the food bowl cleaned. Opened packages can be kept in the refrigerator but should be used up quickly. Important: always serve wet food at room temperature!

Complete food for cats in portion packages (foil trays)

Creamy tender pâté

Meat mousse with extra fine pieces – for discriminating gourmet cats.

Healthy menus

Light meals with special ingredients such as aloe vera or tomatoes.

Sensitive menus

Special diet formula for cats with sensitive digestive systems.

Delicate pâté

With very tiny pieces – just right for spoiling cats.

Pâté in aspic

Delicate pâté + pieces of meat + mild aspic = food heaven three times over!

Delicate menus

With a lot of exciting taste components such as pasta, potatoes and vegetables.

Meaty treats in jelly

Not only smells appetising, it’s also tasty.

Finest ragouts

Meaty treats in tasty gravy – hardly ever anything left in the bowl (according to cat owners).

Complete food for cats in portion packages (stand-up pouches)

Meaty treats in gravy

Meaty treats in a delicate gravy – irresistibly tasty.

Meaty treats in jelly

Meaty treats in savoury jelly – a taste that cats love.

Complete food for cats in cans

Premium meat dish

Pâté made from pure meat with tender pieces of meat – a real gourmet menu.

Meaty chunks in fine jelly

The delicate jelly makes it appetising and so the “big seller” for many cats.

Tender treats in tasty gravy

With a high proportion of meat – ideal for little foodies.

Meaty chunks in tasty gravy

Balanced with a carefully adjusted proportion of cereal for good digestion.