“Environmental protection is important to me personally. In my area of responsibility I make sure that raw materials and packaging are handled with care to prevent losses arising in the first place. This not only protects the environment, it also helps us to manufacture our products on a sustained basis under competitive conditions.”

Alwin B., Production

Our production – the “how” is decisive

At first glance our task seems to be quite simple: the product ideas from the development department must be optimally implemented with appropriate technical solutions. But we don’t make it in the least easy for ourselves. Because we know from experience that the manufacture of premium products demands the highest precision and care.

Care even before the start of production

Processing the valuable raw materials for a high quality pet food product requires the greatest care. This is why our quality approach starts with the selection of the raw materials and packaging materials. We consider important aspects, such as avoiding any environmental impact even before we purchase material and start production.

Through just-in-time delivery and an intelligent process control system – in which we also involve our suppliers – we can avoid any unnecessary environmental pollution and at the same time increase our product quality.

A glimpse into tray production: fine meat mass is portioned into the aluminium containers.

Careful manufacturing process

Just like humans, dogs and cats need a balanced diet to stay healthy and active into old age. A complete food must contain all essential ingredients in the right proportion. The nutrient-retentive processing of the product ingredients at all production stages is exceptionally important here. We specialise in applying scientific know-how and the most up-to-date manufacturing processes in the very best way to produce pet food of high nutritional value.

A fine sausage meat mass is first formed into meat sticks and steam-cooked by means of steam-tunnel technology. The strips are then cut into balls and put in the cans together with the gravy.

Our canned products are preserved in a gentle way by being run individually! through the hydrostatic sterilisation towers. Unlike traditional procedures where many cans are collected in baskets and then lowered into the hot water bath, we can sterilise our products at reduced temperatures with a considerably shortened process time. This procedure aids the preservation of important nutrients and the natural taste of the products.

Two hydrostatic towers are available for the gentle individual sterilisation of our canned products.

Ongoing checks in the production process

The production run is permanently monitored by sensory, physical and chemical analyses. They serve the purposes of quality assurance and help us to optimally control the processes. An unbroken traceability system and our own supplier audits enable us to check that the materials used are harmless at any time.

Our production locations

Modern logistics and product safety

To ensure that everything also runs smoothly after production, our sister company Serv.IO runs a modern logistics centre at the Bremen site. From there we now supply all large chains in the European retail trade. With the aid of intelligent logistics we can ensure that our customers receive the goods ordered on schedule in the desired specification.

Care extends to product finishing

Serv.IO promotes itself as a specialist in storage and so-called “product finishing”, which also includes the packing of assorted boxes and pallets. The high bay warehouse with more than 20,000 pallet storage spaces is additionally used as an “incubation zone” for the manufactured products. The finished tray products are put into interim storage here and checked once again carefully before delivery. In this way we can assure our customers of the greatest possible product safety and optimum goods availability.

The high bay warehouse is not only a logistics hub but at the same time an incubation zone for freshly produced tray goods. It thus serves the purpose of quality assurance as well.