“My environmental projects are based without exception on comprehensive consumer overviews. I can thus visualise weak points that are not identifiable to the naked eye. I then check whether we can carry out any necessary conversion work ourselves. Quite often, existing equipment can even be used for this purpose. By consistently using this entrepreneurial approach we have successfully implemented a lot of measures – even those that did not seem feasible at first.”

Wolfgang B., Technology

Resource conservation – we are proactive

Energy consumption – doing more with less energy

The intelligent and cautious use of energy is of extraordinary significance for saturn petcare. This is not just because of the sharply rising energy prices but also because of the responsibility of each individual to make his contribution to climate protection. In this respect, saturn petcare seeks to spur on its own staff and to set an example within the sector. Each individual can contribute to saving resources and thus the environment by his behaviour.

Far-reaching measures have been implemented in the last few years in order to reduce energy losses and emissions.

The energy requirements at saturn petcare are covered by electricity, gas and oil. Numerous measures designed to reduce energy consumption per product unit have been and are being implemented in these areas.

Water – too precious to waste

For saturn petcare, water is more than just an operating resource. We use this valuable resource carefully and sparingly in the production processes. In addition, we endeavour to keep organic pollution of the resulting effluent as low as possible and even to fall below the statutory requirements.

Our technology specialists work together to develop environmentally friendly solutions, which they then implement with due expertise.

We often implement environmental measures within the scope of Six Sigma projects. This ensures a high level of professionalism at all stages of the implementation.

From waste to recycling management

The sparing use of resources (raw, auxiliary and operating materials) starts with the optimisation of the processes in our production. The more efficiently the substances and materials are used, the fewer residual materials have to be sent for recycling.

The conversion of the adhesive label carriers to fully recyclable material also benefits the environment.

At saturn petcare there is a clear hierarchy for waste management: the re-use of residual materials has clear priority over recycling. Waste disposal is a last resort when all technical measures for recirculation inside and outside the company have been exhausted.

Logistics – intelligent logistics for the environment

The logistics services for controlling the input and output streams are continuously improved at saturn petcare. Our aim is to design the necessary paths to be as efficient as possible. Through the exact harmonisation of distribution logistics with our customers and service providers we can avoid detours as well as empty trips and achieve optimum capacity utilisation of freight space.

The extra-wide saturn lorry helps to reduce the shuttle journeys between the production site and the warehouses.