Snacks and reward treats for cats and dogs

Dietary recommendations for snack items

Snacks are supplementary foods and may be offered to your fully grown pet as a small snack or as a reward while playing. They are however never a replacement for complete or all-inclusive food, as snacks alone cannot completely cover the nutritional requirements of the animal. You must also bear in mind that snacks contain calories.  The feeding recommendations given on the package should therefore be followed. Otherwise animals – just like people – can soon become overweight. There are however no objections to enjoying them in moderation.

Snacks for cats

Cat milk, lactose-reduced

If you would like to spoil your cat with milk, it is better to use special “lactose-reduced” cat milk, as cats tend to have a low tolerance of normal milk. Our cat milk is not only digestible, it also contains important vitamins, trace elements and taurine. This milk can be given to cats from 6 weeks old.

Dental croquettes

A tasty nibble with a valuable double effect: because of the addition of special fibres and the structure of the croquettes, the formation of deposits can be reduced and tooth hygiene improved.

Crunchy hearts

Very popular as a snack or for sprinkling over wet food.  Available with “Hair & Skin” components such as omega fatty acids or as a snack with a special formula for pets with sensitive digestive systems.

Snacks for dogs

Chew strips

The “evergreen” among the dog snacks – always extremely popular.

Curled chew rolls

Three times the taste with three different animal protein components – they will please any dog

Dental sticks

The pleasure of chewing plus tooth care! The hard sticks encourage the dog to chew. Deposits on teeth and mouth odour can thus be reduced naturally.

Small morsels

Ideal for travelling and as a reward while playing. This snack is “a big hit” particularly for small dogs.

Our biscuit paradise for dogs

Just as when baking Christmas biscuits we give our creativity free rein when we produce dog biscuits. Variety and diversification in the taste and the shape are what is required. Here is a small selection:


With various tasty fillings.


The classic, available in several flavours.


The name speaks for itself (the filling does it).

Animal shapes

It’s well known that the pet owners enjoy the look of them too.

Corn rings

With valuable vegetable ingredients.