Product variety in brand quality for cats and dogs

Dietary recommendations for dry food

Dry food is very popular with pet owners for various reasons: it is easy to measure out and prepare. Apart from that it stays appetising in the bowl right through the day. As a change, dry food can be sprinkled over the wet food or mixed with it.  The firm chunks encourage the animals to chew, bite and nibble – which strengthens their chewing muscles. Important: always provide your pet with sufficient water!

Dry food for cats

High Premium complete food croquettes

This product contains among other things a lot of tasty poultry and is ideally suited for the demanding diet of fully grown cats. Special vegetable fibres promote the natural elimination of hairballs.

Classic Mix complete food croquettes

It’s the combination that does it! Various flavours based on selected meat or fish components, with the option of vegetable and tooth-care croquettes. This provides good all-round care for a fully grown cat – for the whole of its life.

Dry complete food for dogs

High Premium complete food

This top-quality dog food contains among other things a lot of tasty poultry, as well as the prebiotic active ingredient inulin and yeast for healthy gut flora. In addition balanced minerals promote the formation of strong bones and teeth. This High Premium complete food is ideally suited to demanding fully grown dogs and is recommended by experienced breeders.


Classic Mix hearty complete food

This balanced combination contains all important ingredients such as meat components, cereal and vegetables. This provides good all-round care for a fully grown dog – for the whole of its life. The appetising croquettes also encourage firm chewing.

Whole food mix with meat, vegetables and soft chunks

Croquettes “with a bite” made from animal protein and vegetables in combination with tasty, juicy chunks: it’s more than just a balanced dog meal. It’s also fun (from the dog’s point of view): sometimes it crackles and crunches and then it tastes soft and juicy.

Whole food rings with beef

This hearty complete food made from cereal and animal protein is balanced and easy to digest. In large economy bags it is the perfect choice for pet owners who have to find the best way to feed large or several fully grown dogs.