“We do more to protect the environment than the law requires. That only works if every individual develops a clear environmental awareness. We regularly inform our staff about environmental aspects in the normal working day. And we ask everyone to actively contribute their own ideas for more sustainability.”

Matthias S., Technology / Environmental Management

Environmental protection. Active. Living.

Environmental protection, social action and economic success have an equal relevance for us. The avoidance of environmental pollution is a central aspect of our daily work and comes before post-production protection of the environment in strategic planning.

“End-of-pipe” technologies are not what we mean by active environmental protection. Our experience shows that ongoing process-integrated environmental protection measures are more effective by far. They often require innovative problem solving and are seen by our staff as real challenges.

Our environmental policy – because the future starts now

  • We understand environmental protection in the workplace and our social responsibility as a single entity requiring constant commitment.
  • We regularly carry out qualifying training courses – as environmental protection in the professional, private and public domain is very close to our hearts.
  • We understand resource and climate protection as an essential target value alongside quality assurance and quality improvement.
  • We wish to continuously reduce our environmental impact. We use the environmental management system DIN EN ISO 14001 as a means of improving of our sustainability. In addition we are working towards DIN EN 50001 certification.
  • We use resources and raw materials as efficiently as possible. In this way we separate economic growth from environmental pollution.
  • With our capabilities we contribute to reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.
  • We are working on developing environmentally optimised logistics with our suppliers, distributors and customers.
  • We incorporate the upstream and downstream processes outside our company into a holistic view of our business. 

saturn petcare is the "Climate Protection Business 2008"

Our efforts in environmental and climate protection have been awarded the title “Climate Protection Business 2008”. This certificate shows that more than 20 per cent CO2 has been saved and not emitted into the atmosphere as a result of consistent energy efficiency measures over a five-year* period in our company – an aim that EU countries have only set themselves for 2020.

“Climate Protection Business” certificate

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* The base year for calculating the possible savings is 2002 in which the energy consumption is converted to CO2 equivalents and set at 100%.

The title “Climate Protection Business” was awarded in September 2008 for the first time by the Bremen Senate for Environment, Construction, Transport and Europe to companies managed in a climate-friendly way.