“As much care as for baby food – my tutors passed on this principle to me on the very first day. I want to be a specialist food technologist and in my training have to learn everything about the international standards for healthy pet nutrition, as these rules are also compulsory in our production.”

Jennifer M., trainee food technologist.

A healthy diet right from the start

Did you actually know that in Germany alone there are over 8.2 million cats and 5.3 million dogs? These faithful human companions have in the last few years become accepted as real family members that should not be fed just with the leftovers from the kitchen table. The reason is: The composition of human food just does not meet the needs of cats and dogs.

The same care as for baby food

Man’s four-legged friends need to be well nourished. And we have made this our business. From many years of research and development work we know exactly what animals need. On the basis of this we design high quality dog and cat food in all main product categories:

Wet food for cats

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Wet food for dogs

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Dry food for cats and dogs

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Snacks for cats and dogs

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saturn petcare – over 25 years’ experience in pet nutrition

If you have never come across a “saturn” brand product on the shelves you will initially be surprised to discover that saturn petcare is one of the largest pet food manufacturers in Europe. However we have not grown large and successful with our own saturn brand but as a manufacturer of own brands.

With these so-called own-brand products we supply well-known German and international retail chains in the food trade as well as discounters and drugstores. If you have bought pet food for your cat or dog there, you are bound to have picked up one of our products.

Facts about saturn petcare