Do you have any questions about our products or about feeding your pet? Or would you like to know more about our company? Here are the answers to the questions we are most frequently asked!

About us

Where is the pet food made?

What is your manufacturing number/how can I tell if the product on the market is also from your factory?

Can you also order directly from saturn?

Do you have a factory outlet?

Do you carry out animal testing?

Our products

Is a complete pet food sufficient for a daily food ration?

Do you use grain in your pet food?

Do your products contain sugar?

What is meant by meat + animal by-products?

Why does the food not just contain meat?

The labels on some products list inulin under the vegetable by-products – what is inulin?

Taurine is important for cats. Why is there no taurine in some of your products?

The label might list 4 % poultry, for example, under meat and animal by-products. Why so little?

Do you use hooves, claws and horns, etc.?

Why are antioxidants used in some dry food products?

Are flavour enhancers used?

Do you use preservatives?

Do your products contain palm oil?

Is soya used?

How long does the wet food keep in the tin and how do I store an open tin?

Why are the dry food packs not completely full?

Animal nutrition

Can you feed puppies on food for fully grown dogs?

Can you feed kittens on food for fully grown cats?

When does my dog ​​need food for senior dogs?

What is the right amount of food for my pet?

Can I feed my dog products containing grain?

Can I feed my cat products containing grain?