Our production process –
“how” is what matters most

The highest levels of care and quality are a matter of course for us. Processing valuable resources to produce high-quality pet food requires a great deal of care. This is why our focus on quality begins with the selection of the raw materials and packaging materials. We already pay attention to important aspects such as the avoidance of environmental pollution before we purchase these materials and start production.

Using just-in-time deliveries and an intelligent process management system – into which we also integrate our suppliers – we can avoid any unnecessary impact on the environment and improve the quality of our products at the same time.

Our production process
serv.io – fully automated high-bay warehouse

Our sister company Serv.io is the specialist for the storage and customer-oriented finishing of products with a focus on quality control and packaging. The serv.io center, which covers an area of 3,800m² and has space for 20,000 pallets, guarantees the best possible product safety and optimises the availability of the goods. servo.io belongs to B+S and is thus part of the logistics division at heristo.